Tuesday, 31 May 2011

fourth day.

What a luck that the test was moved to next week.. I will have more time to prepare.

In the beginning of my stay, I was also registered to a Korean language class. I attended two schools, in total I had a class 3 times in a week for 1,5/2hrs. I liked the classes very much. I've also met many new friends from around the world.
Everyday we took the same way from home to subway station. My subway station was - 'Gangnam-gu Office' and we took the green line no.7. Sometimes we used buses too.
The roads in Seoul were like.. mountains.. In neighbourhood there was a big block of flats from Lotte, and small school teaching some European style of cooking, a chicken restaurant with delicious cabbage appetizer, and two markets: one with older ajusshi, and the other one with young student, who was studying English everytime we entered the store in the evening.

Seoul's transportation card

This time we went to Dongdaemun. High buildings full of clothing stores, accessories and others.. Generally very expensive.

After tiring day, we tried another Korean dish, very interesting soup with sausages:

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