Thursday, 1 March 2012

1st March;)

Hello hello:)

Wah, I really didn't realize time passed so fast! Almost a week since the last post hehe.
Today 1st March.. my birthday:) I'm really happy^^ And also a Korean National Holiday - Independence Day
I'll begin with Big Bang as continuation to the previous post. Yesterday Big Bang released the second MV, for a song 'Bad Boy'.
The new, 5th Mini Album was released on 29th February. I heard all of the songs already, and really enjoy their come back^^ My favourite songs are 'Blue', 'Bad Boy' and 'Love Dust', the chorus of 'Ain't No Fun' is also very very nice:) And a song 'Fantastic Baby' is a clubbing one.

Below the MV for 'Bad Boy'. I wish they'd make MVs for all of the songs:)

Today I'd like to present - King Sejong the Great. A creator of Korean alphabet - Hangul [한글]. Hangul was published in 1446 year. During his kingship there were also many other inventions, and pretty big progress in technology and science.

In front, not too far from Gyeongbokgung Palace, there is a huge statue of the Great King (for drama fans: the ending of 1st episode of 'City Hunter' was filmed in that place).
King Sejong
really huge monument!
Korean alphabet