Thursday, 21 June 2012

hello~~~! ^^

Here I am:) Yesterday I had the last exam, in enzymology... That was really stressful, but when I finished writing and gave paper with my answers to the teacher, suddenly, I felt soo free, I could fly:)

Besides study, in my life appeared Someone, very unexpectedly. And planted so many colourful flowers in my life. 'Thank You' is a word always worth to say:)
We passed by each other few months earlier by choosing and going to see exactly the same movie at Asian Movie Festival, but, not knowing each other and not predicting anything, yet:)

Recently I went with my friends to see a concert of traditional Korean music at Academy of Music in Krakow. The composer, Mrs Ahn Hyun Jung is also a professor of Korean Music at one of universities in Seoul - Ehwa Womans University. The concert was divided into two parts, first with a introduction to Korean music and instruments and then a 'real play'. Firstly Polish musicians played on Western instruments, then Korean musicians on Korean instruments, and in the end a cooperation between Korean and Polish performers:)
Korean musical instruments used during concert were as following:
1. Daegeum
2. Piri
3. Geomungo

So let's have a small look at them:)

1. Daegeum [대금] - a transverse bamboo flute.

And a video to present the sound of Daegeum (from: ironcos2):

2. Piri [피리]- a double reed instrument. During presentation there were two kinds presented: Dae Piri [대피리] (bigger one) and Hyang Piri [향피리] (smaller one).


And a video (from: piriqueen):

3. Geomungo [거문고] - a 6-string instrument.


A video (from: cgnmusic):

Korean performers in the concert:
Park Hye Ohn playing on Daegeum
Kin Ji Yoon playing on Piri
Yu Lee playing on Geomungo
All of the ladies were wearing beautiful Hanboks:)

During presentation Mrs Ahn Hyun Jung played also few other songs. I was moved especially by one 'An Old Garden for a Women's Traditional Song' (with Gayageum - 12 string instrument). Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere to share.

As the previous post was about Big Bang, a new Big Bang's song was aired not long ago:) The title is 'Monster'. I like the song very much, how about You?:)