Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Big Bang is back

I have to start with news about Big Bang: )

My life was surrounded by their come back hehehe;)) Just few hours ago Big Bang released first MV for song - 'Blue' (in total there will be 7 tracks in the album, including 'intro'). And a link for 'Blue' (already with subtitles!!):

I really like the new song, already replayed it few times^^
Also, yesterday fans spotted Big Bang members participating in one of 'Running Man' episodes. It'll air in TV on 4th March (episode 84). And for 'Secret Garden' fans - Ha Ji Won will appear in episode 85:)

As a short introduction, with which I probably should've begun - Big Bang [빅뱅] is one of Korean boys band, with total of 5 members.
source: allkpop.com; the photo is from previous album
Starting from the left:
1. T.O.P
2. Seungri
3. Taeyang
4. Daesung
5. G-Dragon

I mostly like Taeyang's and Daesung's voices. Without any prediction, I had a chance to meet Taeyang face to face:) During my stay, he released his first solo album - 'Solar'. At that time there were few competitions in music stores. People whose note were picked from a box, got a chance to get Taeyang's autograph. The list of rewarded people was published on a website... and I was so lucky to be one of them:)
All of the chosen fans were able to get inside the music store. We were waiting there in queue with Taeyang's album and note with our name.
When my turn came.. it was really amazing:) I stepped towards table and saw him face to face. He signed my album, and we spoke few words:) Yes.. I also mentioned I'm a fan from Poland. Taeyang shaked my hand, I was really happy hehe:)
Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside... however I have a photo from his other appearance.

I posted before songs: 'Haru Haru' and 'Beautiful Hangover', so below other of my favourite Big Bang's songs (starting from the oldest ones):

Big Bang - 'Lie':

Big Bang - 'Heaven' (the song orginally is in Japanese so only that version is available with MV, however I prefer Korean version, and that one is below):

Big Bang - 'Let Me Hear Your Voice' (in my opinion their best Japanese song)

Big Bang - 'Tonight'

Big Bang - 'Love Song'

There are of course more Big Bang's songs, also very very good ones:)

And here some of solo songs:
Taeyang - 'I'll be there' (which was out during my stay, I remember I was listening it often in subway hehe)

Daesung - 'Baby Don't Cry' (no mv available)

G-Dragon - 'Heartbreaker'

G-Dragon - 'Butterfly'

Seungri - 'Strong Baby'

Seungri - 'What Can I Do'

~new travel post coming soon~
: )

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Running Man [런닝맨]

Today after watching Kim Jong Kook's dance I was inspired to post about Korean program called - 'Running Man'. As some of my friends already know, I'm a HUGE fan of 'Running Man' : ) The show is aired in Korea every Sunday, on SBS channel. Place of the show changes in each episode, sometimes it can be a shopping mall, museum or even a ship.
The main cast of 'Running Man' have to complete as fast as possible all of the missions and quizzes (that's why they often have to run). Besides that, there might be a secret spy among Running Men;) and participants have to eliminate everyone to win the race (by tearing off a name tag of each person). Additionally, sometimes guests (such as actors, singers etc.) are invited to take part in the show, and they often get a secret mission;)
The program is really so funny^^ I recommend watching it: )

The main cast of 'Running Man':
1. Yoo Jae Seok [유재석], also known as Yooruce Willis, and Grasshopper. He is very very famous in Korea for being a great program's host (as in Infinite Challenge, Running Man), and also for being a great comedian.
source: allkpop.com
2. Ji Suk Jin [지석진], known also as Big Nose Hyung.
source: ktopia.net

3. Kim Jong Kook [김종국], known also as Commander or Sparta-Kook. Usually he is the most difficult to eliminate from the show. He is a singer.
source: allkpop.com
4. Gary [개리], a hip-hop singer from Leessang duo (they have many nice songs^^)
source: in2kpop.com
5. Haha [하하], also known as Haroro. He always promises his 'last love' to any new female guest hehe.
source: nate.com
6. Lee Kwang Soo [이광수], known also as Gwang-vatar, and together with Ji Suk Jin, they are known as Easy Brothers. He is an actor, and as example: he played in 'City Hunter'.
source: allkpop.com
7. Song Ji Hyo [송지효], also known as Ace Ji-Hyo and she used to be known with Gary as Monday Couple, with many funny and romantic moments. But since her real boyfriend's identity was exposed.. so it's end of Monday Couple T.T Ji Hyo is wise and tough, but from main cast she is the only girl in the program: )
source: allkpop.com
And, a video from 80th episode of mentioned at the beginning - Jong Kook's dance;D (with Tara's Lovey Dovey song)  (from: RunningManFan):

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Itaewon [이태원]

Hello: )

Really sorry, I couldn't find time earlier for writing a new post, but: ) there is good news, I graduated!: ) (I'm not sure about the English equivalent of the title, but it's similar to BSc). Just Kanji and grammar tests left..
And also.. the 'City Hunter' drama, which I introduced in previous post, I couldn't finish it yet, due to the exam.. just 2 episodes left~!

Jestem z powrotem: ) po dłuższym czasie, ale z miłą wiadomością: ) Obroniłam się i jestem panią inżynier ^^ Zostało mi jeszcze tylko zaliczenie z Kanji oraz z gramatyki.. I potem wolne, wolne!! 
Niestety.. nie miałam również czasu na dokończenie oglądania 'City Hunter'.. T.T zostały mi dwa ostatnie odcinki..~

Today, I want to show You - Itaewon district. I will use the map again: )
Dzisiaj, chcę opowiedzieć co nie co o dzielnicy Itaewon. Poniżej mapka:)

Wyświetl większą mapę

Itaewon is, I'd say 'foreigners district'. There are foreign products in stores, many international restaurants (I didn't see a Polish one though, but there's really huge variety of food), bars, the main Islamic Mosque, Turkish people selling Kebab, US Army troops. It is the place where I saw many foreigners just at one time.
Besides that, Itaewon is also a night-life area.
To be honest.. well, I didn't like Itaewon too much. The reason is, I felt there different than in other places in Seoul, a different atmosphere, and I just didn't felt there that safe (mostly if visiting when it already became dark). At least it's my impression of Itaewon.

Itaewon, nazwałabym dzielnicą obcokrajowców. W chyba żadnej innej dzielnicy nie widziałam na raz tylu obcokrajowców. Jest tam wiele restauracji z kuchnią najdalszych zakątków świata, z Ameryki Południowej, Europy, południowej Azji, po za tym jest tam również wiele barów.
Miałam również okazję zobaczyć tam Islamski meczet (niedaleko jest również biblioteka islamska, czy typowa kuchnia).
Dodatkowo, po raz pierwszy w życiu właśnie w Itaewon widziałam na żywo transwestyte, właściwie to nawet kilku. I przyznam, że było to dla mnie trochę szokujące. Z twarzy - Azjatka, ale budowa.. nie taka kobieca, i właśnie to zwróciło moją uwagę.
Wiem również, że jest tam 'bogate' życie nocne.
Ogólnie rzecz biorąc nie czułam się tam zbyt bezpiecznie wieczorem, w przeciwieństwie do innych miejsc w Seulu. I przez to ograniczałam się jedynie do wizyt za dnia. Mnie, Itaewon średnio się podobał. Ale było mi bardzo miło znaleźć na chodniku Polską tablicę. Otóż znajdują się tam tablice przedstawiające różne kraje (wzdłuż ulicy, po obu stronach, na chodnikach).
I looked for a video to give a closer look on Itaewon, I chose this one (by winthropalum), because I recognized many places!

And also Itaewon Freedom, a funny-crazy video;)

The nice thing to see in Itaewon are boards of variety country name, flag, capital city, and 'hello' in mother tongue, with spelling hehe. It's on pavements on both sides of the street.
Wspomniana wcześniej polska tablica:
And another songs, this time rap style: )
Na koniec dwie piosenki, tym razem rap: )

First one is by Outsider - Alone. I ever read that he is the fastest rapper in the world. I don't know if it's true, but when You see the song, I read on time all English lyrics, but at few moments, I seriously can't follow Korean! ~ hehe^^
Pierwsza to piosenka Outsider - Alone. Jest on prawdopodobnie najszybszym raperem na świecie. Ilekroć oglądam ten filmik, dochodzę do wniosku, że to prawda hehe^^

The second one is a duet, Tablo with Jinsil - Bad. The music is very very nice. And here is also a link from live version: http://youtu.be/1aA_KoTGnQI
Z kolej druga piosenka, to duet Tablo z Jinsil - Bad.

See You soon~