Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28th August 2012

Today morning I went to market to buy fresh vegetables.
Can You guess the reason? :) I'll reveal it soon in the next post:)

And one more song by Big Bang - EGO:

Monday, 13 August 2012


K-Pop is really famous, but I think many people don't know much about other good Korean songs, I would say even better than k-pop ones, at least to me:) I really like Korean ballads, and lately I also often listen to K-Indie.

I want present few of my favourite artists:) 

I. 타루 (Taru), my number one:) 

1. 타루 & 짙은 - Done Here  

2. 타루 - Sad Melody 

3. 타루 - I Hope You Can Be

4. 타루 - 제발  

5. 휘성 & 타루 - Love Seat

II. 짙은(Zitten) 

1. 짙은 - 곁에 

2. 짙은 - Moonlight

III. 테테 (Tete) 
1. 테테 - Eclipse