Monday, 30 May 2011

first post.

Almost one year has passed since I visited South Korea. I've never thought of going that far. Due to my personal reason, I also got a chance of meeting face to face with Korean culture.
Today, these are my memories.

Now I'll take You together with me, to look one more time through - days of summer 2010.

Far far away, ....... but stop. :)

Firstly, we need an airplane.. ; )
I chose Lufthansa. It was my third time using this airline, and so far they didn't disappoint me.
My schedule was set on 29th June 2010, a flight from Kraków to Frankfurt.
My family took me to the airport early in the morning, so we wouldn't be stressed of being late..
The farewell for next two months.., I was sad leaving them, however I was waiting for that moment very long..
My family, thank You so much for everything..!
Then 5:45hrs waiting in Frankfurt for a plane to my final destiny - Seoul. The break was very long hehe, a bit boring, but, when You know what You get after the waiting time is finished, then trust me, I could wait twice this time. Frankfurt airport is very big, really.. VERY big:) However it wasn't my first time being there. One year before - 2009, I had had there a transit.
There are many stores in the airport, but all are very expensive.. my general advice for those who are going to have long travel-break at the airport is a good coffee, small meal, new fashion magazine, good music in iPod.. and music, and music, yeah.. time goes slow..
After all check-in's, finally I managed to enter the 'awaiting room for my airplane'. A big room with chairs, TVs, food-store. I spent time looking through the window at my airplane with last check up's and loading the luggages. By the time, room became full of passengers. I remember many people were watching football game in the TV, I think it was the time of FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
Almost all of the passengers were Koreans. I started hearing their language louder for the first time. The conversations were stopped only sometimes by the personnel's information in English, German, and Korean too. I was there the only one Polish girl. But the exciting feeling of my purpose taking this flight made me so smiling inside, and I didn't feel as a lonely outsider.
The crew checked the tickets one more time, and we could get on the plane:) 'Finally'. It was evening time in Germany, almost sunset.
In front of me, a long journey..
I took my seat, I remember it was on the left side, an aisle seat - my favourite one. I had with me, my personal luggage, quite heavy indeed. While having problem with putting it up, over my seat, a nice Korean middle-aged lady, smiled to me. She gesticulated to me with her hands, and helped me. She was smiling all the time, and I could say for the first time '감사합니다' (reading: gamsahabnida), which means in Korean 'thank You'. I took my seat, but my partner didn't come. And due to broken TV screen in other seat, I was asked to change two seats over their, with one working screen. Without problem I went to front 4-seats. And that I got to know with 5 nice Korean friends, who helped me later at my arrival.
Unfortunately I don't have much photos from that time.. actually only one:) hehe.
As I was going to Korea, all choices in dishes, obviously were Korean ones, not European;)

Firstly I tried 'Sikhye'. I didn't know what is it, I took a risk;)
Here in wikipedia You can see: Sikhye It was a rice drink, and very, very sweet. But I liked it. As for the dinner, they served 'Bibimbap' (for more informations, by wikipedia: Bibimbap ) It was like, mixed salad of vegetables, rice, and spicy flavour. They gave 'Kimchi' too:) spicy Korean cabbage - a real taste of Korea:) I love it:)

In the picture - my dinner. Sorry, that's the only photo I have from my flight... ;)

Ok, I'm taking now my cup of chocolate cappuccino and notes for study. On Wednesday I'm having an exam.. so fighting:)

Good night..

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