Tuesday, 31 May 2011

step two.

I'm back:) very fast indeed.. Let's arrive in Seoul today;)
After eating my meal on the plane, I had a nice conversation with my new Korean friends. I was very surprised when I found out, that they are also going from Poland to Korea!! They surprised me with few Polish words too. The boss lady knew English the best among them and we talked about different cases. Her employees didn't speak English well, but they used English dictionaries in their cellphones (very useful!). My flight's purpose received many supports, so we all enjoyed it:)
The rest of the time in the plane, I spent on listening music.. and sleeping. The flight from Frankfurt to Seoul took around 10:30-11hrs, if including Poland then a bit more than 12hrs, and plus waiting almost 18hrs. That's really long, and really far! I didn't realize the scale before. O.O
During the flight, I could see on the screen, small plane moving on the map of World. The information included also height, temperature, and estimated arrival time.
The turbulences were really.. a bit nervous, I've experienced some. But then, the landing, that was stressed too. After it, the weight was lifted from my heart..
I took my hand-carry and my first look - Korea:)
The Incheon International Airport is HUGE, much much bigger than Frankfurt's one.
My friends waited for me:) I didn't know too well where to go, and they were waiting in check-out's too. I felt so grateful.. In the airport they use subway to take us to the main hall, and to the luggage place.. That was my first time trying subway indeed. Everything was so clean and so modern! I enjoyed it for a short time, because I wanted to be in hurry. I remember I waited quite long for my big luggage, that was a bit stressed too. However there were lots of passengers. When I finally saw a big navy-blue bag, one Korean friend helped me to put in my trolley. I said goodbye and good wishes with them, and kept pulling my trolley to the entrance..

It was July 30, 2010, 11:35, when I landed in Seoul.

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