Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Big Bang is back

I have to start with news about Big Bang: )

My life was surrounded by their come back hehehe;)) Just few hours ago Big Bang released first MV for song - 'Blue' (in total there will be 7 tracks in the album, including 'intro'). And a link for 'Blue' (already with subtitles!!):

I really like the new song, already replayed it few times^^
Also, yesterday fans spotted Big Bang members participating in one of 'Running Man' episodes. It'll air in TV on 4th March (episode 84). And for 'Secret Garden' fans - Ha Ji Won will appear in episode 85:)

As a short introduction, with which I probably should've begun - Big Bang [빅뱅] is one of Korean boys band, with total of 5 members.
source: allkpop.com; the photo is from previous album
Starting from the left:
1. T.O.P
2. Seungri
3. Taeyang
4. Daesung
5. G-Dragon

I mostly like Taeyang's and Daesung's voices. Without any prediction, I had a chance to meet Taeyang face to face:) During my stay, he released his first solo album - 'Solar'. At that time there were few competitions in music stores. People whose note were picked from a box, got a chance to get Taeyang's autograph. The list of rewarded people was published on a website... and I was so lucky to be one of them:)
All of the chosen fans were able to get inside the music store. We were waiting there in queue with Taeyang's album and note with our name.
When my turn came.. it was really amazing:) I stepped towards table and saw him face to face. He signed my album, and we spoke few words:) Yes.. I also mentioned I'm a fan from Poland. Taeyang shaked my hand, I was really happy hehe:)
Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside... however I have a photo from his other appearance.

I posted before songs: 'Haru Haru' and 'Beautiful Hangover', so below other of my favourite Big Bang's songs (starting from the oldest ones):

Big Bang - 'Lie':

Big Bang - 'Heaven' (the song orginally is in Japanese so only that version is available with MV, however I prefer Korean version, and that one is below):

Big Bang - 'Let Me Hear Your Voice' (in my opinion their best Japanese song)

Big Bang - 'Tonight'

Big Bang - 'Love Song'

There are of course more Big Bang's songs, also very very good ones:)

And here some of solo songs:
Taeyang - 'I'll be there' (which was out during my stay, I remember I was listening it often in subway hehe)

Daesung - 'Baby Don't Cry' (no mv available)

G-Dragon - 'Heartbreaker'

G-Dragon - 'Butterfly'

Seungri - 'Strong Baby'

Seungri - 'What Can I Do'

~new travel post coming soon~
: )

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